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    The Front Porch Experience is an online instructional program that incorporates activities, discussions, and local news sources to improve students' reading and critical thinking skills. Teachers have praised the flexibility of the self-paced curriculum, as well as its use of relevant local news to teach fundamental skills while engaging students with their communities.

    The Front Porch Experience teaches cross-disciplinary reading and critical thinking skills.

    Interactive videos model skills for students and offer opportunities for practice. Assignments further reinforce these reading and thinking strategies, by allowing students to apply fundamental skills, such as supporting claims with evidence, evaluating credible sources, and determining trustworthiness. This curriculum’s sequence of modeling, practice, and application supports students and teachers by targeting school-wide goals.

    The student-centered curriculum makes local news feel personal.

    Students have the ability to choose local news articles that affect their own lives, and connect them to their community. Relevant content and personalized feedback engage students and motivate them to continually improve their reading and critical thinking skills.

    The Front Porch Experience is adaptable.

    Teachers can easily customize the program to fit their students’ interests and to work with their classroom schedule and curriculum. It can be tailored for different ability levels and allows students to work at their own pace.

    Frequent, personalized assessments allow students to see their own growth and gain confidence.

    Assignments set out clear expectations for students and provide rubrics that link to the gradebook. The interactive videos and assignments provide assessments that offer timely feedback, motivating students to continually improve.

    Local News. Local Issues. Local People.

    Overall, the Front Porch Experience offers teachers a fully developed yet adaptable curriculum that connects students to their community and teaches them the reading and critical thinking skills they need to use the news to make informed decisions.

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