• Impact Giving

  • Foundations

    WHO: Foundations and community organizations to support the train-the-teacher model and make a difference in today’s classroom education and the ever-changing future of tomorrow. To inquire, contact Dr. Florian Feucht.



    • Connect high school students to their local communities using a project-based approach to learning
    • Enable teachers to continuously strengthen their everyday practice with proven teaching strategies (train-the-trainer)
    • Improve local socio-economic development by promoting college and career readiness in high school graduates
    • Provide scholarships for teachers and funding for disadvantages, low-income school districts

    Corporate Giving

    WHO: Corporate sponsors to collaborate with school districts and launch THINKING PRO as a talent pipeline from high school to their local workforce. To learn more, contact Dr. Florian Feucht.



    • Bridge the gap between secondary education and the soft skills currently missing from the workplace
    • Equip your future workforce with the skills they need to succeed

    Individual Giving

    WHO: Donors who believe that critical thinking is pivotal to taking informed action, participating in democracy, and skillfully navigating the news as an important knowledge source. Contact Dr. Florian Feucht.



    • Empower students and young adults to thrive in their lives and careers, and drive positive change by contributing to their communities and the world
    • Reintroduce the news as a key media source to young readers
  • Make a Difference

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