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    Your new workplace has its own way of thinking.

  • Your thinking skills are your greatest asset.

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    Every workplace relies on critical thinking skills. And the people who master those skills drive everything - from designing solutions to day-to-day workplace problems to determining the overarching direction of the company. They also enjoy the greatest career success.


    If you stay long enough, you know who the key people are, and you get enough opportunities to pick their brains and observe how they operate, you may naturally pick up a lot of their key thinking habits. But why wait for a maybe?


    Why not be proactive about it? Why not master all the thinking skills they’ve mastered, rather than just the few you might happen to pick up by watching them work?

    What you’ll learn

    The Online Thinking Toolbox for Professionals is an online course based on cutting edge research in the field of cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It will arm you with the tools to become one of your employer’s most valuable assets.


    You’ll master the advanced thinking skills shared by the company’s key personnel - the decision makers, leaders, influencers, rapid risers and big earners - and soon be on your way to becoming one yourself.


    You’ll learn how to integrate relevant information from different sources into one cohesive understanding, and develop a mental model for addressing problems and proposing solutions:

    • Effectively read informational text that is specific to your industry and role (manuals, scientific publications, guidelines, schedules, flowcharts and other info graphics).

    • Systematically identify the information most relevant to the current problem.

    • Evaluate the function of that information - identify cause & effect, problem & solution, facts, opinions & explanations.

    • Evaluate the quality of that information - compare perspectives, assess groundedness, consistency & justifications, and indicate important connections.

    • Create, test and argue your own explanations of cause & effect.

    • Propose innovative ideas, changes and solutions.
  • Course format & details

    Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, day or night. You can just log in to the Online Thinking Toolbox, and participate at your own pace.


    Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn advanced thinking skills, step by step, and you’ll get to practice those skills in different contexts. For example, you might analyze an article in a professional journal, some new research, published industry standards, a job description, workplace guidelines, a manual or some case studies. Then you’ll use digital tools like tables, venn diagrams and concept maps to systematically extract, evaluate and build on knowledge from that text.


    All with regular personalized feedback and tips from your instructor.


    So you won’t just understand the value of advanced thinking, you’ll experience it first-hand. And you won’t just be taught to deal with one particular sort of workplace problem, you’ll develop an adaptable mental model for identifying, examining and resolving any sort of workplace problem.

  • An immersive, competency-based experience

    The Online Thinking Toolbox for Professionals is a streamlined part of your everyday life. It lets you do things your own way, using real-world learning materials that actually interest you. So - like learning a new language in another country - it make more real-life sense, you learn skills faster, and they stick with you for life.


    Importantly, it’s competency-based. It’s all about truly mastering skills that will last you a lifetime, not simply remembering facts that you’ll soon forget, or - worse - just doing a set number of study hours. You benefit from direct instruction, modeling of tasks, and dedicated practice time. Psychology and educational research tell us that these three ingredients are critical to learning cognitive and metacognitive strategies, and ensuring you genuinely understand each skill.


    The program is deliberately stretched out so you have more time to process and practice your new skills, to form new habits using them, and to give your brain time to form the neural pathways required to make the learning permanent (practice doesn’t make perfect, but it does make permanent).


    Plus - and this is an important point too - this type of cognitive training is intensive. If you try to cram it all into a short period of time, it becomes a brain-drain. We want you to have fun!

    How you’ll be assessed

    We’ve developed our own psychometric assessment tools to benchmark your critical thinking competence, including your knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward thinking.

    Inspiring and civic-minded too

    The Online Thinking Toolbox for Professionals provides a platform for you to interact with like-minded thinkers. People who are all there for the same reasons you are. You’ll communicate with them, have fun, share and network. You’ll inspire and be inspired. You’ll work together to formulate innovative solutions to real-world problems.


    This approach to learning is one of the key (and most enjoyable) aspects of college but, unfortunately, it’s a dynamic that’s rarely seen in modern organizations.


    Indeed, the Online Thinking Toolbox’s fundamental community-based structure - its civic nature - results in a style of thinking and problem solving that has become increasingly rare in today’s globalized yet aggressively individualistic world. Too many people resign themselves to problems that are far from inevitable, and too few people see themselves as part of any solution.


    We believe in local community, in civic responsibility, in diversity and inclusiveness, and in personal efficacy and empowerment. Just as it can make you a better employee, the Online Thinking Toolbox can make your workplace a better workplace, and our world a better world.


    Upon completion of each module, you’ll receive a certificate showing the competencies you’ve mastered. You can then use this certificate for future promotions and job applications.

    Exclusive, patent-pending methodology

    Thinking Habitats employs a patent-pending teaching methodology that encompasses a ground-breaking set of educational strategies and software tools, applied in a proven-effective sequence.

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