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    Schools don't teach what college demands.

    Phlox does.

  • You have the grades to get into college, but can you meet the expectations?

    At school, you were taught to remember and recite facts. At college - and in life after college - you’ll be expected to do a whole lot more.


    Yes, you’ll still have to remember and recite facts; that won’t change. But those facts won’t be handed to you on a platter. You’ll have to do a lot of independent research, draw together masses of information and evidence from a variety of sources, and come to your own conclusions.


    Unfortunately, colleges don’t teach these skills, they simply expect them. Sure, they’ll usually lead by example, and you’ll get a few opportunities each week to ask questions, but for the most part, it’s sink or swim.

    What you’ll learn

    Phlox for Students is an online course that will help you bridge the gap between what school teaches and what college demands. So you'll learn faster, get better grades and minimize your time to graduation. And your student debt.

    You’ll learn to:

    • Read to learn (textbooks, scientific articles, manuals, etc.).

    • Quickly take meaningful notes.

    • ‘Bookmark’ and retrieve information when you need it (from your memory, your notes, your study materials and your independent research materials).

    • Filter fact from opinion.

    • Give opinion and hypotheses the credit they deserves, but no more.

    • Quickly differentiate between cause and effect, problem and solution, results and conclusions.

    • Assess the strength of an idea, argument or explanation.

    • Create new ideas.

  • Course format & details

    Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, day or night, you can just log in to Phlox, and participate at your own pace.


    Over the course of the 6-week program, you’ll perform a series of daily tasks, using self-sourced informational texts as your core resource. For example, you might be asked to identify cause and effect in a local newspaper article, or to figure out the text structure in a recipe, or summarize the results in a research paper). You’ll also interact with videos, animations, narration and quizzes, and your results will be tracked by the program’s sophisticated learning software, and eventually presented in your student assessment (gradebook).

    Thinking Module 1 for Students

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    Grade levels:

    9 - 12


    Learning time:

    10 hours (2 weeks x 1 hour per work day)



    • Identify and differentiate fact, opinion, explanation, cause/effect, problem/solution.
    • Reading strategies for informational text: 1-8.

    Safe, secure, advanced technology

    Phlox uses an award-winning learning technology called Schoology. Schoology has a Facebook look and feel and an easy-to-use mobile app, and is certified safe and secure for learners (TRUSTEe -Certified Privacy).

  • An immersive, competency-based experience

    Phlox for Students is more than just a course, it’s an immersive, competency-based learning experience that has been proven to deliver results. Much like learning to speak a new language by living in that country, it’s about mastering new skills that stick with you for life. But instead of you going to it, it comes to you.


    Phlox encourages you to do things your own way using learning materials that interest you. And you receive personal feedback and tips from your instructor throughout, as well as plenty of practice time (all of which have been found to be critical to learning cognitive and metacognitive strategies).


    And because the course is spread out over 6 weeks, you have time to form new thinking habits using your new skills, and your brain has time to form new neural pathways to make those skills permanent. Just as importantly, you can have fun with it. If we tried to cram it all into a day or two, it would be way too intense.

    How you’ll be assessed

    We’ve developed our own psychometric assessment tools to benchmark your critical thinking competence, including your knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward thinking.

    It’s NOT a test prep program

    It’s important to note that Phlox isn’t just another test prep program. Yes, our graduates perform better in standardized tests, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


    Traditional test prep programs focus only on your test-taking ability - time management, staying calm, understanding the style of questions, etc. They don’t teach you anything that will be helpful once you’re actually in college or the workforce.


    Phlox, on the other hand, is all about mastering the critical thinking and reading skills that are fundamental to success in college and your career.


    In other words, Phlox complements traditional test prep programs, it doesn’t replace them. You should, in fact, consider doing both. But you should also think of Phlox as a longer-term solution - giving you valuable skills that will last a lifetime.


    Upon completion of each module, you’ll receive a certificate showing the competencies you’ve mastered. You can then use this certificate for your college application and future job applications.

    Exclusive, patent-pending methodology

    Thinking Habitats employs a patent-pending teaching methodology that encompasses a ground-breaking set of educational strategies and software tools, applied in a proven-effective sequence.

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