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    Training that changes the way you think.
    Tailored to your learning style, goals, knowledge and experience.

    Thinking Habitats ~ Become an instant asset

    Online Thinking Toolbox

    for Professionals

    Online Courses

    Your new workplace has its own way of thinking.

    And it drives everything - identifying and approaching problems, designing solutions, making decisions...


    Don't assume they'll teach it to you; be proactive. Master it now, and become one of their most valuable assets.

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    Become an instant asset

    Thinking Habitats ~ Faster on boarding, better retention

    Problem Solving 

    for Teams

    Classroom Training

    Create smartness and boost the economic value of your employees.

    We'll get your teams thinking how your organization thinks. Solving problems, designing solutions and making decisions the same way you do.


    So you're all on the same page and working toward the same goals.


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    Unleash all brain power = Own more profit.


    All our learning programs are based on current empirical research and theory, from the fields of psychology, education, neuroscience and leadership.


    We’ve developed our own psychometric assessment tools to benchmark your critical thinking competence, including your knowledge, skills, and attitudes towards thinking.


    Thinking Habitats employs a patent-pending teaching methodology that encompasses a ground-breaking set of educational strategies and software tools, applied in a proven-effective sequence.


    Our Founder - Dr. Florian Feucht - is an internationally renowned researcher and educator.



    • PhD in Curriculum Research and Development (Germany)

    • PhD in Educational Psychology (USA)

    • Graduate Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education (Australia)


    • Professor of Educational Psychology

    • Special education teacher

    • 12 years of research in: creating learning experiences in authentic settings to foster critical thinking and positive attitudes towards thinking.

    • 12 years’ teaching and training adult learners

    • 12 years’ public speaking at conferences and conventions

    • Co-editor of Personal Epistemology in the Classroom: Research, Theory, and Practice
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