• Our Impact

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    Impact of Thinking Pro Online Platform

    Based on a study of 29 high school classrooms, with 12 teachers and 700 students, THINKING PRO delivered the following results:

    • 86% of students improved in critical thinking, reading comprehension, and news media literacy skills

    • 70% of students improved performance scores on pre and posttest of THINKING PRO

    Individual Impact

    • Improved news media literacy
    • Improved social emotional learning
    • Higher student engagement
    • Deep learning through gamification

    Community Impact

    • Community impact:
    • Improved opportunities for college and employment
    • Increased civic engagement
    • Improved ability to contribute to the community and world
    • Increased social-emotional competencies
  • “The thing that I think I like best about THINKING PRO, it's not isolated to a subject area, and it goes with our disciplinary writing so well.”
    - ELA Teacher

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