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    Thinking Habitats

    We’re a team of teachers, researchers and geeks dedicated to making the world a better place. We empower people to conceive democratic, peaceful, sustainable solutions - both in their own lives and in their communities. As experts in the fields of psychology and education, we live and breathe the art and science of thinking. We’re your mentors on the journey to: 'Unbox your thinking'.

  • Our learning programs

    Built on 12 years of research and practical teaching expertise, we help students and professionals master all the skills associated with critical thinking, so they can learn faster and achieve more.

    We believe that effective, advanced thinking is:

    • A prerequisite for success in education and career - it’s everyone’s most fundamental asset.

    • A fun, positive, rewarding, inspiring and social experience.

    • Critical to personal growth and the advancement of our society.

    • A learned skill, not a born talent.

    All our patent-pending learning programs are based on current empirical research and theory, from the fields of psychology, education, neuroscience and leadership.


    At their heart is the premise that all skills - including advanced critical thinking - are best learned in a positive, familiar context, with direct instruction, modeling of tasks, and dedicated practice time. Psychological, educational and neuroscience research tell us that these ingredients are critical to learning cognitive and metacognitive strategies.


    Our programs are also field-tested, and they have been proven to deliver significant learning gains in reading, writing, math and science. Importantly, these tests also show that all learners benefit, regardless of their reading competence.


    And because we employ a proprietary, patent-pending methodology, our programs and their benefits are exclusive to Thinking Habitats. You won’t find their like anywhere else in the world.

  • Our Principal - Dr. Florian Feucht

    Thinking Habitats was founded in 2014 by Dr. Florian Feucht, an internationally renowned researcher, experienced special education teacher, author, speaker and Professor of Education Psychology.



    • PhD in Curriculum Research and Development (Germany)

    • PhD in Educational Psychology (USA)

    • Graduate Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education (Australia)


    • Professor of Educational Psychology
    • Special education teacher

    • 12 years of research in: creating learning experiences in authentic settings to foster critical thinking and positive attitudes toward thinking.

    • 12 years’ teaching and training adult learners, including millennials

    • 12 years’ public speaking at conferences and conventions

    • Co-editor of Personal Epistemology in the Classroom: Research, Theory, and Practice published at Cambridge University Press

    Professional Profiles

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    Dr. Florian Feucht

    Dr. Florian Feucht

    Just call me Dr. Florian.

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