• Empower students with thinking tools.

    Enhance students' cognitive skills with our scientifically-proven program.

  • THINKING PRO | Curriculum Unit is a proven-effective intervention that connects

    critical thinking and reading skills with the writing process using local news as main reading and learning materials. It is a student-centric, project-based literacy program.

    Our system works the way students learn these skills best: in a positive, familiar context, with direct instruction, modeling of tasks, and dedicated practice time.

  • “I learned how to really dig into an article and analyze the different sources and claims. THINKING PRO really unlocked a part of my brain that I did not know that I had.”

    - 9th Grade Student

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  • “This is a fantastic lesson in how to evaluate what you read online. I can use this again when we talk about fake news and in how to distinguish between evidence-based news stories and junk.”
    - High School Teacher

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    Interactive Learning Videos


    Our suite of 20 interactive learning videos emulate the best practice of using critical thinking and reading strategies. The use of animation, narration, and instant feedback creates a personalized experience and fosters mastery learning.



    Local News Articles

    Unlike learning programs by large publishers, THINKING PRO has been designed to create purposeful learning experiences that connect students to their local communities.
    Local issues and local news media are used as a motivational hook for students to ensure deep learning and relevancy to their personal lives beyond the classroom.
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  • Being able to engage in deep thinking about the local issues that are at the forefront of their community is a critical skill set for students to have, particularly in high school when they’re getting ready to go out into the workforce or to take another [academic] path.”
    - Curriculum Director

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  • Our Turnkey Solution

    THINKING PRO is an innovative school curriculum and integrated professional development program that builds critical thinking, reading comprehension, and media literacy skills in the classroom using the local news media as a tool.