• Interactive Learning Videos

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    Adaptive Instruction

    All our interactive videos adjust to individual students' ability levels and learning pace. Gamification is used to ensure deep learning.


    The videos empower teachers with formative assessment data to make informed decisions about their daily instructional practice.

  • Each video models a specific cognitive skill, provides opportunity for practice, and tracks student proficiency.

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    Reading Strategies

    1. Identify the Goal of Reading the Text

    2. Activate Background Knowledge

    3. Use the Text Structure

    4. Monitor Attention

    5. Use Context Clues

    6. Check for Internal Logic

    7. Make Inferences

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    Thinking Strategies

    1. Identify W-Questions

    2. Identify Claims

    3. Identify Evidence

    4. Differentiate Facts, Opinions, and Explanations

    5. Evaluate Explanations

    6. Evaluate Trustworthiness

    7. Integrate Multiple Texts

    8. Create a Summary

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    Thinking Strategies - Advanced

    1. Identify Sources

    2. Evaluate Sources

    3. Identify Counterclaims

    4. Evaluate Competing Claims

    5. Create Own Explanation