• Technology Requirements

  • Platform requirements to get started with Thinking Pro:

    Internet-connected devices (Chromebook, computer, and mobile devices)

    • Connect with a solid, reliable internet connection
    • Use a modern web browser (Chrome or  Firefox, preferred)
    • Integrate with Google Classroom and Google Drive (optional)
    • 200+Mhz processor on your computer if you are running Windows or MacOS


    Mobile App (for example, iPhone, iPad, Pixel, Android)

    • Use Internet connection to download and sync content
    • Work offline anywhere and anytime
    • Access  Thinking Habitats’ app in  Apple Store; Google Play


    Single sign on via Google available

    • Headphones for each student recommended for individual work
    • Firewall permissions configured to allow access to
      • ThinkingHabitats.com website and
      •  Resource websites embedded by teachers (for example, online newspapers and government websites)


    Developed using Moodle’s Open Source Learning Platform

    • Used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide
    • Created for the daily classroom practice of teachers
      • Intuitive interface and functionalities
      • Easy and effective onboarding of new users
      • Customizable to teaching styles and student needs
    • Well-known and endorsed by school technology staff