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    The mission of the Thinking Habitats Foundation is to develop and provide research-based learning opportunities for youth to acquire and practice knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to become: a) deliberate news consumers, b) informed decision makers in their professional, public, and private lives, and c) engaged citizens contributing to a peaceful and nonviolent world.”


    Thinking Habitats Foundation is a nonprofit organization that oversees scholarships, grants, fundraising, and donations to support teacher and district-wide training, implementation of critical thinking programs, such as THINKING PRO and others, for educational institutions, and ongoing research and development.

    Board Members

    Dr. Florian Feucht



    Josh Spieles

    Vice President


    Kristiana Latta-Landefeld



    Tony Maziarz


  • The Thinking Habitats Foundation is a 501(c)3) registered not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Ohio, USA (FEIN: 27-3930987).

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