• School Curriculum

  • Overview

    Our THINKING PRO | Curriculum Unit is an innovative lesson plan and integrated professional development program that builds critical thinking, reading comprehension, and media literacy skills in the classroom using the local news media as a tool. Teachers, curriculum directors, and school administrators use the THINKING PRO | Curriculum Unit to launch a cognitive toolbox for critical thinking and reading comprehension across subjects and grades.

  • We deliver a student-centric lesson plan within a teacher-supported environment. The curriculum unit can be adapted to individual subject and student needs.

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    English Language Arts (ELA)

    Improve reading comprehension of informational texts, multiple document analysis, integration of multiple text sources, and writing of essays and research papers (9th Grade; 9th Grade Honors; 10th Grade).

    Social Studies

    Improve historical document analysis, use of primary sources, evaluation of trustworthiness of sources, and author bias (Civics 10th Grade; Personal Finance 10th Grade; Econ 11th Grade).

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    English as Second Language

    Improve English language proficiency scores of individual students using Thinking Pro both as pull-out and push-in interventions across different grade levels.

    High School Students

    Students with different achievement levels and from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds improve reading, writing, math, and science test scores:

    >> 1,600 High school students in rural, urban, and suburban areas utilized Thinking Pro

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    Multi-State Implementation

    In alignment with national standards, the program achieves outcomes in small and large school districts across the country, such as:

    >> Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, and Ohio.

    We are also used internationally in places such as Ethiopia and Germany.


    Thinking Pro has been successfully implemented by classroom teachers, support and resource teachers, and student teachers in collaboration with their mentor teachers

    >> 21 ELA, Social Studies & ESL Teachers

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    Localized Curriculum

    Unlike learning programs by large publishers, THINKING PRO has been designed to create purposeful learning experiences that connect students to their local communities. Local issues and local news media are used as a motivational hook for students to ensure deep learning and become relevant to their personal lives beyond the classroom.

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    Reliable Teaching Process

    Unbiased, nonpartisan teaching approach to teach critical thinking and reading comprehension using local issues and local media as a motivational hook for students.

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    Interactive Learning Videos

    Thinking Pro’s interactive explainer videos model the use of specific cognitive skills, highlight why they matter, and provide practicing activities. Watched individually, the videos adapt automatically to students' ability levels and learning pace. Gamification is used to engage students at a deeper level and foster their proficiency in critical thinking and reading comprehension.

  • Benefits:

    • Reliable process allows teachers to promote thinking skills using local issues while taking an unbiased, nonpartisan position.
    • Interactive learning videos model cognitive skills and adapt to student ability level and pace.
    • Localized curriculum creates student purpose and community connections
    • Growth mindset drives continued student success and wellbeing
    • Proficiency scores provide students with instant feedback to continue practicing or move to the next level
    • Gamification motivates and engages students as they progress
    • Teacher dashboard aligns student performance with key curriculum standards
    • Offline access allows students to work anywhere, anytime

    Curriculum Highlights:

    • Turnkey curriculum solution
    • Flexible learning activities, assessments, and grading rubrics
    • Appropriate for grades 9-12
    • Multiple curriculum areas: social studies, ELA, disciplinary literacy, interdisciplinary studies, and more
    • Curriculum crosswalks and standard alignments available
    • Works with daily or block scheduling
    • ~16-20 hours of classroom instruction
    • Flexible delivery across face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online settings
    • Fully customizable to specific student and subject needs
    • Appropriate for use in ELL & ESL classrooms
    • All materials provided, including teacher handbook
    • Ongoing Community of Practice to learn from and share ideas with other teachers