• Join us at NCSS & NSSSA in Philadelphia

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    NSSSA Session:

    News Media Literacy Meets Civic Engagement: Discover an Unbiased, Non-Partisan Way of Engaging Students In Local Issues.

    Presenter: Professors Florian Feucht

    Time: Thursday 12/01 from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

    Place: Marriott 411/412

    Summary: Join us to learn how teachers can use news media as a source and discuss current issues without being called into the principal’s office. We introduce a reliable and tested process that empowers students to understand, evaluate, and communicate information from news. Special feature: A suite of interactive explainer videos.

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    NCSS Session:

    Let's Talk About News: Student Analyze and Deliberate Current Issues Using a Non-Biased Process!

    Presenter: Professors Florian Feucht & Rebecca Baker-Bush

    Time: Friday 12/02 from 3:50 pm to 4:50 pm

    Place: Marriott Franklin 3 (4th Floor)

    Summary: Explore our technology-based media literacy unit that empowers students to critically evaluate the news, engage in deliberative discourse on current and contested topics, and take action in their communities.

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    NCSS Booth 412:

    Join us at our Booth 412 in the exhibition hall to learn more about THINKING PRO!

    Spin the wheel and win premium prizes:

    • free THINKING PRO License [Teacher license with training]
    • free Professional Development [Online PD workshop on news media literacy + Access to THINKING PRO = 6 PD Hours]
    • free Micro Badges [Certificates for all your students who test proficient in news media literacy using our competency framework/ assessment tool; teacher receives formative assessment data for own instructional decision making]
    • and much more.
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    and spin our prize wheel @ Booth 412!

  • “I learned how to really dig into an article and analyze the different sources. THINKING PRO really unlocked a part of my brain that I did not know that I had.”

    - 9th Grade Student

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  • Interactive Learning Videos

    Thinking Skill 2: Identify Claims (Sample Video)

  • THINKING PRO is an online curriculum that uses local news media as a tool to teach critical thinking, reading, and communication skills in a student-centric, teacher-supported learning environment.

    Our system works the way students learn these skills best: in a positive, familiar context, with direct instruction, modeling of tasks, and dedicated practice time.

  • Our Turnkey Solution

    THINKING PRO is an innovative school curriculum and integrated professional development program that builds critical thinking, reading comprehension, and media literacy skills in the classroom using the local news media as a tool.

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    Impact of Thinking Pro Online Platform

    Based on a study of 29 high school classrooms, with 12 teachers and 700 students, THINKING PRO delivered the following results:

    • 86% of students improved in critical thinking, reading comprehension, and news media literacy skills

    • 70% of students improved performance scores on pre and posttest of THINKING PRO

    Individual Impact

    • Improved news media literacy
    • Improved social emotional learning
    • Higher student engagement
    • Deep learning through gamification

    Community Impact

    • Community impact:
    • Improved opportunities for college and employment
    • Increased civic engagement
    • Improved ability to contribute to the community and world
    • Increased social-emotional competencies
  • Being able to engage in deep thinking about the local issues that are at the forefront of their community is a critical skill set for students to have, particularly in high school when they’re getting ready to go out into the workforce or to take another [academic] path.”
    - Curriculum Director

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