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  • nutella Classroom Challenge

    For 8th - 10th Grade Students

    Until May 17, 2024!

    Be there or be square!


    Contact us for a free license of THINKING PRO | Essentials.

    Please use the contact form below to contact us to register for the challenge. We will unlock a free version of THINKING PRO | Essentials for you and your students until June 30, 2024.


    Have your students complete our eight interactive Thinking Strategy videos no later than May 17, 2024!

    1. Identify W-Questions
    2. Identify Claims
    3. Identify Evidence
    4. Differentiate Facts, Opinions, and Explanations
    5. Evaluate Explanations
    6. Evaluate Trustworthiness
    7. Integrate Multiple Texts
    8. Create a Summary

    If 70% of your students scored proficient for 70% of the videos, you will receive a classroom size jar of nutella as reward for your students

    Email us when you are done. We are excited to mail that jar of nutella to your school! Yummy!

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    Nutella challenge